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Breakfast & Breakfast Basket

breakfast basket


Your fair trade breakfast from the region. The day starts with a good and healthy breakfast! Especially in our globalized world it is important to know where our food comes from. This is what the Guesthouse Winkler offers you in the breakfast basket:

The coffee beans aren’t from the discounter but fair trade. That means: no child and slave labor, fair wages, producer prices always cover the production costs. The same is true for tea and chocolate. The milk is Bavarian farm milk from the campaign “Bavarian farm milk – farmers help themselves”. 2008 the “Bavarian farm milk” was launched, a campaign to ensure fair milk prices for our farmers. Thus the livelihood of our local farms and the preservation of our unique cultural landscape is guaranteed. The milk origins from the region Tegernsee/Schliersee stems from 100% GMO-free feeding. The butter is Bavarian farm butter from Dairy Sales Miesbach, a subsidiary of Bavarian Farmers Milk, which also guarantees fair conditions between producer and consumer. Our cheese is delivered by farmer Dersch from his farm dairy in Ellmau (Rottach-Egern). We get sausages from the butcher Killer. The eggs are from the free-range chicken of Beham, a local farmhouse in Hausham. Jams are made by myself from seasonal fruits and honey is produced by Mühlauer aus Kreuth-Riedlern. You are served different kinds of baked rolls from the bakery Sanktjohanser, they don’t use pre-fab. dough, but have their own recipes. Depending on the crop there is natural pure apple juice from my brother, otherwise we serve Wolfra orange juice. In traditional Bavaria Sunday wouldn’t be Sunday without home made cake!

Bon Appétit!